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Understanding One Another

Updated: Apr 2

We know what it feels like. But many of us do not realize we do not give it. We like life to be comfortable. We like life to be predictable. So, we get very upset with those who don't fall in line. Such expectations are not only unrealistic, they are harmful. If we only knew how many individuals walk around with pain in their heart, the pain of rejection, the pain of feeling misunderstood, the pain of not fitting in. Our rejection or intolerance of them, of wanting them to be more like we think they should be, further harms them. Why do others have to fit our image of what they should be? What keeps us from accepting them for who they are? Do we fear someone different? Do we have an idea about life that everyone must adhere to? Are we rigid and threatened by others that differ from us?

And the funny thing is, we all want and need someone to understand us, to realize that we are inherently good, that if we aren't ourselves, then don't think the worst of us. Consider us as a person, and realize something bigger is happening.


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