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Do you continue to struggle?

Healing from our past takes time and hard work. How do you know if you still carry scars or wounds?

These are signs we see in those whose past is still very present:

  1. We get offended easily by the words and actions of others and feel few understand us.

  2. When we experience a setback we feel overwhelmed. Why can't things be easy? Why does life treat us so hard?

  3. We are deeply wounded by the judgment and disapproval of others because it makes us feel attacked or judged.

  4. Our opinions are precious and those with a different point of view or value threaten us.

  5. We tend to see the world, religion, government, or people in general as untrustworthy, corrupt, deceiving, or not caring. We have a hard time trusting.

If you identify with these, seek the help of a trauma therapist. You do not need to continue living with stress, pain, and unease.


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