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The Ultimate Abuse - Gaslighting

Updated: Apr 2

Gaslighting. The quiet killer of the soul.

Those who have suffered gaslighting tell me, "But it wasn't that bad. I was never hit, never beaten."

That's good.

But gaslighting is actually worse. It's psychological. It quietly erodes your sense of self. It makes you second guess your reality. It takes away your confidence and replaces it with doubt.

Those who have been gaslighted tell me: "I think I imagine some of it," or "It isn't that bad. Others have it worse," or "I'm not sure what I want..."

Recovering from gaslighting takes time. It takes time to believe "I'm a good person.' It takes time to accept that you are worth someone's time, someone's care, others respect.

If you identify with the above list, seek assistance. Don't stay afraid or unsure. You were injured. There is healing.


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