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Standing on the Sidelines

Updated: Apr 2

I treat trauma. I hear stories over and over again. One of the common themes I hear from trauma survivors is, I feel I am standing on the sidelines; I feel like I don't belong; I feel like I'm looking out the window at the rest of the world, wanting to be part of it, but feeling isolated.

If you only knew how many of you feel this way.

Part of these feelings come from a heightened sense of danger, or what we call hyper vigilance. Part of it comes from the fact that trauma has changed you to the point that you no longer feel comfortable with small talk or superficial conversations.

Know this: if you get help, if you process your trauma, you can move past these feelings!

I hope some day when Covid is no longer a threat, to bring trauma survivors together in a group. Wouldn't it be wonderful to share stories? Wouldn't it be wonderful to know you are not alone? If you are in any way interested, drop me a line.


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