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If Only You Could See What I See

Updated: Apr 2

Sometimes after a session, I take some time to just sit and think. This is particularly true when I've learned something especially tragic about that person's life.

As I sit, I shake my head in amazement and wonder, how can anyone survive being so neglected/abused/abandoned and survive? How can anyone go through feeling thrown away as a child and appear before me as a normal adult?

What helps someone get through such a terrible experience?

I yearn to reach out to that person, take his/her hand and say, "I know you can get through this. If only you could see what I see. Sincerity. Resiliency. Courage. Strength. Daring. Woundedness.

I say this to all who have sat with me. I'm hoping through the process of EMDR, through our therapy sessions, you will one day believe what I already see in you. That you are a special breed of individuals. You champion healing, growth, maturity, daring, risk and forgiveness, and show what hard work can do.

You are what keeps this world from falling apart.


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